Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Friends at School

As I drop Nikolai off at daycare in the morning, I usually pass a class of toddlers on their way outside for a buggy ride. Their teacher always says "Hi Nikolai!" The kids are too little to talk much, so I say good morning and tell them to have fun on their ride and they just stare at us. This morning, as I got Nikolai out of the car, all 6 toddlers in the buggy turned to us and said "Hi Nikolai" in unison. It was too cute!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Macho Baby

Nikolai is modelling his "Miso Macho" onesie that my cousin Elaine made for him. This weekend he started holding on to things that we would give him which was new and exciting. Usually he will grab and then drop anything that you put in his hands. He played with the teddy bear rattle in this photo all the way to daycare this morning and was still holding it when we got there. From the amount of time it spent in his mouth, I can only guess that it is delicious!

Nikolai also attended his first house party with a band this weekend, which I'm pretty sure he enjoyed. Much thanks to our friends Gabe and Robin, and Gabe's terrific rockabilly band, King King. The homebrew 'Dirty Blonde' was excellent, and we only regret that Nikolai got too tired to stick around for the second band. At 4 months old, hearing even one set is a good night out, especially because we're starting to suspect that he is teething, based on the sheer volume of drool that he is producing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Clean Baby

No stinky babies here!
Here is Nikolai fresh from the bath :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Beret

Nikolai loves his beret that Grannie Annie made!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hoppiest Beer of Belgium

like cherry blossoms

fleeting beauty Belgium hops

hot summer days pass

Just Bouncin'

It has been a busy weekend for us! Friday night was Nikolai's second visit to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. He was wonderful, and didn't let out a shriek in the galleries like on our first visit! He was a little curious why everyone was looking at the walls, and not at him, but I think he enjoyed it nonetheless. If you haven't seen the Bloch Building addition yet, definately drop by and see "the Met of the Midwest." If you don't like art, well, it was air conditioned! Other than than that, Nikolai enjoyed going to his mom's 10-year high school reunion on Saturday night, and tried out his Sassy bouncer for the first time. It is a big hit!

At the Ball Game

Here is Nikolai and his Dad, Grandpa and Uncle at the Royals vs. Yankees game on his 3 month birthday. Nikolai was fine until the crowd got a little too noisy and then we had to head home.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

At the Park

Here is the little guy at Loose Park a couple of weeks ago.

Joining My Generation

Ok, I'm in. After enjoying the blogs of many of my friends, I'm finally ready to move beyond e-mail. Also, I have an obnoxious number of cute photos of Nikolai to share. Don't think that this means I know how to text message...Nikolai will have to teach me how someday (I'm a late adapter, in marketing terms). Enjoy :)