Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Julian and Grandma Humphrey

Happy Birthday to Mom and Julian!  Mom and Julian have the same birthday.  That is two generations in a row where the youngest son was born on the same day as his Grandma.  I was born on the same day as Mom's mom, October 24th, and now Julian was born on May 27th. Lots of love to Grandma Humphrey and have a great time in Alaska.

Monday, May 17, 2010


So at Niko's Birthday some of the boys got on the swing set and said they were Dinosaurs.  This led to an extended screaming session, which led to this vid.

Happy Birthday Nikolai

The fire engine that Grandma Allie got Niko was a hit.  There was almost a riot when we opened it.  It actually works too.  We filled it with water and let Niko put out birthday candles with it after the party.  Yup, we let him play with fire on his 3rd Birthday :)
Braden and Niko eating some cake
Lizzie, Gretchen and Otto doing the same
Niko got shy and nervous during his birthday song, he was better once he stuck a plane in his mouth.

First Steps

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Julian is taking steps! He takes one or two occasionally, but he took almost six in a row in the bicklebee last Thursday. He especially loves balls, so he is most encouraged to walk when he is chasing after one. He is also working on his hoops skills. Last week, Nikolai was shooting baskets on the patio, and Julian carefully picked up a ball and dropped it in the big plastic tub that we use to keep the outside toys in. Then he would look to make sure we were watching him, and he'd clap for himself and then get the ball out to do it over again. He was so proud of himself!