Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last weekend we had a wonderful time with both sets of grandparents and Uncle John at Big Cedar Lodge. We boated, swam in at least five pools, floated in the lazy river, played mini-golf, ate ice cream, went fishing, went on a horse-drawn wagon ride, roasted marshmallows and heard two cowboy singers. The most memorable part was our cabin, decked out in tribute to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. There were pictures and memorabilia everywhere, and Niko called the cabin his "Race Car Cabinet." As we pulled away, Niko said bye-bye to everything, "Bye Bye Big Cedar. Bye Bye Race Car Cabinet...." We know he enjoyed the trip. We told him we didn't want to leave either, and he couldn't comprehend why we would leave if we didn't want to. Two weeks later, he keeps asking, "you don't want to leave vacation?" Needless to say, he can't wait to go back.

The Guys

Niko keeping Julian away from his container of fishing worms.

Thank goodness Niko didn't catch anything, despite using his Spong Bob fishing pole.

Julian had a great time as well, possibly having the most fun at the bar listening to the guitar player. He danced and clapped and yelled to the music, attracting the attention of the singer and half the bar with his enthusiam. Luckily we didn't attract the attention of social services by having a baby at the bar!