Monday, May 30, 2011

Julian's 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Julian!
mmm birthday cupcakes.

Here's Julian and Buzz, he has barely put Buzz down since he got this and had to be talked into letting big brother look at it for even a few minutes.  When he saw the package for it he started dancing around and yelling "Buzz Lightyear!  Buzz Lightyear!"

Julian turns 2!

What is this?
Big Brother offers to lend a hand.
Julian on his new scooter, its just like big brother's
Heres how you do it Julian.
Now they can form a gang.  Sarah got one too so they can all go out together.

Happy Birthday Grandma Humphrey!

Mom and Julian share a birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!  
Here is Mom on Sarah's Scooter, pretty impressive!  Happy 70th!