Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I haven’t written an update in months! What is our little guy up to…

Talking! Niko is talking non-stop and adding new words everyday. He is starting to put together words into sentences as well. A couple of times he has communicated so clearly that I didn’t even realize he’d used a sentence. When I disconnected the trains he gave me to play with yesterday morning, he told me that the “stay like this” and put them back together. He asks “what’s this?” quite a bit. He asked “where is it” the other morning. I asked him what he was looking for, and he showed me that the bed was missing off of one of his dump trucks. I found it for him and he ran over and tried to put it back together. He is a whiz at snapping train tracks together now.

He is also a dance-machine. He sings his own version of Ring Around the Rosie and spins around, usually falling into my lap. If Colin and I are there to sing and play along, he insists that we each hold a hand and swing him around in the air.

Coloring! He is getting good with crayons. I let him play upstairs without supervision (my mistake!) while I got ready for work on Tuesday morning. I ran upstairs when I heard the shrieks of glee… Niko was standing on top of his play table. He was coloring the light switch plate with an orange crayon while flipping the light on and off and eating a sheet of stickers! Yikes! He was really upset when I made him stop!

Future hoops star – Niko can say ‘basketball’ now and points it out on tv. One of our mini basketballs has a Jayhawk on it, and last week he brought it to me and said “see a Jayhawk.” It was just about the proudest moment of my adult life! His hoop-shooting prowess is so impressive that his daycare teachers took a video of him bending his knees and following through J I believe a hoop is on the agenda for his birthday.