Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Raspberries & Cousins

Niko and I were goofing around and wrestling on the couch last night and he kept kind of gnawing and drooling on my neck and chest. I wasn't sure what he was up to, but he wasn't biting so I let he keep doing it, and all of the sudden he started giving me raspberries! He just kept giving me raspberries and laughing hysterically, and I just couldn't stop lauging. It was hilarious. That is definately a skill he has learned from his dad and his grandma. They were the wettest, stickiest raspberries I've ever gotten!

Niko is also going through a biting stage - fortunately saving most of the bites for me, and a few for Colin. I don't think he has bitten anyone else. Anyhow, I checked out his mouth on Sunday, and discovered 4 new teeth. Wow! No wonder he was biting. I'm hoping that will subside as the teeth finish coming in. They have all broken through, and though I'm no dentist, I'm pretty sure they are molars.

Niko's new favorite word is "more!" At first he used it in conjunction with the sign language for "more" - usually when he wanted more milk. But now he uses it all the time - pointing at the things he wants and saying "more." He also requests more milk continuously, even if his cup is half full. It is just kind of his mantra - "more, more, more." I can't wait until he puts his two favorites together to request "more ball." We'll never hear the end of that one!

Niko is also in the business of getting more cousins! My cousins Elaine and Nadia are both expecting babies in late winter/early spring. I saw them over the weekend and they both look fabulous. Also, my cousin Sean has gotten married and now is proud papa to 2-year old Brook. Congrats and welcome to the family, everyone!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dogwood Canyon Food (I mean wildlife) Tour.

Niko feeding the trout while the paparratzi stand by. 
Yum - trout!
Aunt Margaret & Uncle Jack wrangling Niko on the wildlife tram tour.
Mmmmm. . . buffalo burgers.

Big Cedar Pictures

Niko terrorizing Grandma and Grandpa Humphrey.
Early morning coffee with Mom (milk for Niko - does a body good)
Grandpa Donegan chilling on Table Rock Lake.
Grandma Donegan enjoying the scenery from our 'Party Barge!'
Niko didn't like his life vest, Uncle John managed not to throw the boy in the lake.


Niko's official best word is BALL! He uses it continually . . .

When I picked him up at daycare yesterday he greeted me with a ball in each hand and ran up to me saying "ball, ball, ball, ball, ball . . ."

Then last night, after playing with balls for a couple hours, he insisted upon taking a tennis ball to sleep with him. When I went to go get him this morning, he sat up in his crib, threw the tennis ball at me (and hit me in the shoulder with it) and said . . . (wait for it) . . . BALL!

He fussed when I dropped him at daycare this morning, so I suggested that he go find a ball to play with. All of the sudden there were 3 little kids at my feet all saying "ball, ball, ball" like little lemmings. Except for Niko. He just pulled on my legs and cried, but I imagine as soon as I left he took off to find a ball :)

Big Cedar Weekend

We returned from a long weekend at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri on Monday evening and we had a GREAT time. We were long overdue for a vacation, and we got to spend the weekend with both sets of grandparents, Uncle John, and Uncle Jack & Aunt Margaret. Niko went boating and HATED the lifejacket, but otherwise had a good time, even taking a break for a little on-board napping. We also enjoyed the good life floating in tubes on the lazy river and taking a wildlife tram tour at Dogwood Canyon, where we hung out with some buffalo and fed the trout. Niko was great at tossing the trout food in the water, and only tasted one piece before he decided to keep throwing it in the pond. We had some over-the-top delicious steaks and other great food, and lucked out with an un-seasonally cool August weekend.

We promise to get some photos and video up soon - it was a weekend to remember :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008