Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at the Humprey's

Aunt Christy and Uncle Steve got Niko a Mr. and Mrs Potatoe Head.  He played with this for a good ten minutes at the table, that is some serious play time.
Dad was deeply involved with a Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity when he wasn't chasing Niko.
Mom and Kat model their gifts.

Christmas at the Donegans

Merry Christmas from the Donegan's and Humphrey's!
"For Me?" Niko couldn't believe that he was allowed to play with the fire truck that Santa left him.  He just stared in shocked amazement for about 2 full minutes before he even tried to get in it.  I think he's still surprised to see it when he gets up in the morning.
"Hows about a Nutcracker Ale?  Right Now."   Maureen got kegerator full of Boulevard's best, I got to test for quality. 

Santa Claus!

Santa Claus visited the Donegan Household, Niko wasn't too sure about the big guy but was happy with the fire engine that santa gave him

Monday, December 1, 2008

Curtain Monster

Much To Be Thankful For...

The happy family at Santa's playland at Crown Center after a successful day shopping...

We had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend this year. From perfect turkey to an epic Kansas win over Missouri at Arrowhead, it couldn't have been better! Except for some tummy trouble on Wednesday night that resulted in a very tired Thanksgiving day, Niko was a great participant in all the festivities. He let Grandma feed him mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner (no veggies or protein, please!) while Grandpa held him on his lap. On Friday he shopped with the Donegans like a champ, even picking out clothes he wanted at Von Maur's (anything with a truck or train on it.) He loved the walking characters at Crown Center and the Christmas chorus, but prefered playing in Santa's playland to actually sitting on Santa's lap! He didn't cry though, just refused to smile....
We put up our tree on Sunday while Niko was napping, and he thinks it is pretty amazing. It has lights and trains and balls and stuffed monkeys on it .... what isn't amazing about that??! I've held him up to see the miniature train ornaments about a dozen times since yesterday. This morning he helped feed breakfast to all the ornaments with faces that he could reach. He is very into sharing his food, which results in a houseful of stuffed animals that smell like old milk. Luckily my mom took photos, since I've misplaced my camera....

Niko picking out the best ball at the sporting goods store.

Santa's playland.

Decorating Grandma's tree after the big KU win!