Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad Mommy!

Yes, I've been a very bad mommy. With the exception of a few cell phone photos, I've failed almost entirely to document the past few months of life with Niko! My numerous excuses include four business trips in June and July, with one more coming up next week. Also, Colin and I have put our house on the market, so we've been trying to keep the house clean(ish), which is not my strong suit! But, I promise to do better with the blogging.

On with business . . . Niko is 15 months now and absolutely a wild man. He sprints rather than walks, and climbs rather than sits. He is still the smallest kid in his class, but on occasion he eats more than Colin or I at a meal, so I imagine we're on the verge of a growth spurt.

He can say 'more milk' in sign language, wave, and say the occasional word. His most understandable words include "George" (as in Curious George), "drop" (as in, "I just dropped my food/milk/toy") and da (dad). We're pretty sure he also says "mine, mine, mine." He also can brush his own hair and teeth and pull his shirt over his head.

A special thanks goes out to Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa Donegan for covering for me the past two months and making sure that Niko had a good summer and didn't become the smelly kid in his class due to lack of a Mommy.

I'll chase down some photos and post them soon, I promise!