Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Leaves

I know, I know! It has been way too long since I’ve written about Niko’s latest exploits. With the coming holiday weekend I will attempt to catch up on my entries so that everyone gets their Niko fix!

The most incredible thing about Niko lately is his exploding language skills. While he still just says one word at a time, he understands way more than we’ve been giving him credit for. He can pick up objects from across the room and bring them to you if you ask (comes in handy for having him bring me laundry off of the floor to put in the machine. He will drop clothes in the washer if I pick him up.). He will also “throw the ball to daddy” or mommy, and understands if I tell him that we’re going upstairs or downstairs together. If I tell him that daddy is almost home, he will go to the front door and look out the window for him. He will also bring you his shoes and socks if you ask him to.

Nikolai is a master house cleaner, and loves to sweep, pick up dust bunnies from the floor and wipe things off with paper towels. He also likes to share his food and milk with his stuffed toys. Yesterday, for the first time, he was pretending to eat food. He would pick up imaginary food from his pile of blocks and nibble it, and then give Colin and me a bite of it. It was hilarious!

Over the weekend he enjoyed playing in the leaves with our next-door-neighbors, his good buddies Gretchen and Otto. They shared some fantastic photos with us…

Tonight Colin and I are enjoying his birthday present, two tickets to see KU basketball at the Sprint Center. I haven’t been to a game there yet – we’re looking forward to seeing the new team live. Grandma and Grandpa are going to come watch Nikolai. They will get to see Niko’s new play table that we bought yesterday for him. We couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to him, and it was awfully big to wrap. We put it together after he went to bed last night ….hopefully he will like it!