Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our New Family

On May 27th, 2009, Julian Alexander Humphrey was born into the Humphrey House.  He's  been getting acquainted with his new family, sleeping and eating.  He is the mirror image of his brother from when he was born but a little shorter and a little lighter.   Here are some photos:

Niko trying to wake up his little brother so he can play
Niko was very careful around his little brother, and very interested
Getting a good look at at the new addition.  

Probably the most surprising thing that has happened with bringing Julian home is seeing Niko interact with him.  He's very curious and has been very helpful.  He's offered Julian his milk and gram crackers.  He is very concerned when Julian cries and has taken Julian's dirty clothes to the clothes basket for us.   Today he got to hold his little brother for the first time, it was the most still I've ever seen Niko :)  The only place he has had a problem with his little brother has been that Julian gets to sleep in our room, Niko is quite certain that isn't fair.

Sarah and Julian

Sarah and Julian. He is probably wanting to eat.  He has eaten non stop for since he arrived.  The classification he falls under is "connoisseur" when it comes to eating, takes his time and will smack his lips during dinner.  This is in stark contrast to his brother who would bolt through dinner and then want to look around as soon  as possible.

Me and the new boy

Me and the boy, he had just had his first bath, I think he was glaring :)
mmm, morning coffee,  and baby


Right before his first bath, he wasn't happy about getting Pjs taken off

Just born, sleeping with Sarah