Friday, December 18, 2009

Nikolai is Coming; Baby Julian is Crawling!

First of all, a story so sweet that Santa couldn't possibly overlook this toddler.....
Last night Julian was on the floor playing and I was filling the washing machine. He started crying, and I heard Nikolai saying "Nikolai is coming," in the sweetest little sing-song voice. I watched from around the corner in the kitchen as Niko put a bunch of his cars on a tray and carried them over to Julian to share and play so that he would stop crying! It was enough to make a mom's heart melt.

AND, prior to this, Julian was doing a combat crawl, pushing himself across the wood floors to reach toys that had rolled out of reach (Ok, I moved the toys out of reach when I realized he had attained forward motion so that I could videotape)! This morning, he even got his belly off the ground for a bit when he crawled across the bed to me after being changed. A whole new window has opened up ... in the past week he has also started sitting up by himself for several minutes without falling over and feeding himself little babyfood puffs. He is changing every day! He also goes into bonafide giggle fits when tickled or teased.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Baby Snowman and Room Parent Experience

As Nikolai's imagination continues to grow, we have begun to experience stranger requests and more detailed storylines while we're playing. This morning as we were feeding Julian and getting ready to leave the house, Nikolai requested a Baby Snowman. Over and over again, for 10 minutes, Niko asked for a Baby Snowman. Finally Colin made him a snowman out of legos, but it really wasn't what he wanted. I have no idea what he really wanted!

I survived (barely) my first duties as a room mother, hosting the Hanukkah party for Nikolai's class. It was a great time this morning, although at one point I has five kids on my lap, with Nikolai at the bottom of the pile saying "help, I'm stuck"! We played "Pin the Candle on the Menorah," which the kids were surprisingly good at. Of course, Niko marches to the beat of his own drummer, and, as usual, was the only kid who wouldn't play. I finally convinced him to add his candle to the Menorah, but he wouldn't put on the blindfold or cover his eyes. And yes, I did stay up late last night cutting out candles from construction paper (and glueing on paper flames) and putting glitter on the Menorah! The kids decorated cookies with icing and sprinkles, and decorated paper crowns to wear. I can't believe that there is any order at all in a room with twelve 2-3 year olds, but they did great. I did collapse on the floor when I got back to my office though, and had to lay down for a bit before my latte began to revive me!

It was fun to see the Monday morning Havdaleh and hear all the kids at the whole center sing songs and prayers together and light the candle for the 4th day of Hanukkah. Nikolai's favorite part was marching and dancing to the Hanukkah songs.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seeing Santa

Santaland lived up to everything Ron McGee and David Sedaris ever said about it.
Oh Man, Santa is in there?????  I can't wait.
Nikolai got tired of the photo taking process.
But cheered up once he found out he was going to see the big man.  Julian was fascinated by Santa but Niko wasn't to thrilled about sitting on his lap.  He managed to tell the big man "James" though.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rolling Stone

Julian has become a rolling baby.  At six months he can easily spin 360 degrees and then roll to where ever he wants to go from there.   As I'm writing this he's figured out how to push himself backwards across the wood floors.  I just looked up and he was smiling at me from out about two feet further away then he was when I started typing.  This is completely different than Nikolai who couldn't move at all until he was full blown crawling at nine months.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nikoisms and Pronunciations

Bawaaaaa - When Niko was really young he could make the exact sound someone would make if they were making fun of someone for whining or crying.  It was almost like he was reading out of a book, complete onamanpea.  It was usually preceeded by a full 3 to 5 second intake of air and his entire body turning a deep red.

"More more - insert noun" -  accompanied with the sign language sign for more.  This initially meant Milk.  Later on he figured out that it meant more of anything, not just milk. 

Ball - Niko's first regular word, he was obsessed with balls and would go on at length with the word ball.

"My -  insert noun" -  I think he used this to mean "I want."  He especially enjoyed it when Sarah or I would say "My Nikolai."  

George - Since Niko was born there has been images of Curious George on everything in his room along with an assortment of Curious George toys that he inherited from Uncle John.  For a long while all monkey's were George.  Then, once we got down that monkies are monkies a lot of four legged animals became monkeys - as in "Niko, that is a camel," and then Niko would respond  "No, no Monkey."

Baby - the name of Niko's family of bears that have been his mainstay from about 1 year through 2 1/2.  They are Brown Bear, Baloo Bear (Sarah contends he is saying Blue Bear.   I contend that he is saying Baloo Bear as in the Jungle Book), and yellow bear.  For a while any hairy animal was a "Baby." 

Bickbee - Niko's first pronunciation of the word "Basement." This evolved into "Bicklebee" which is now the proper name of our basement.  

Beats - Niko's first word for songs or music.  This started when we were brainwashing him the Beatles and he started thinking all music was "the Beatles" or "Beats."  "More more beats" meant more music, not just more Beatles.  We introduced him to a baby music CD and now he'll ask for "more baby beats."

"Bunk" - Niko's pronunciation of "Bonk."  When we are changing his diaper he'll go find a pillow for his head so there is "no bunk."  The word usage culminated when he picked up a matchbox car, hit a 3 month old Julian in the head with it and looked at me and very flatly said "bunk."  All I could do not to laugh my ass off.

"No rooster, Duck" - For a while all birds were "ducks."  I'd point to a picture of a rooster and tell Niko it was a rooster, and Niko would tell me "No, no rooster, Duck."   This cracked me up the first few times and its become our first running joke.

choket / chokalot - chocolate 

Backetball - for basketball

Ayhawk - for Jayhawk, I love it when he points at a Jayhawks and yells excitedly "Ayhawk".  I especially love it when he says "more more Ayhawk Backetball!"

Fast -  Niko's first full blown game. Not very complicated, consist of us running fast around the house.

Baball - for a football or a football game on t.v.  - noteably he never ask for "Ayhawk Baball."  Already a good Jayhawk fan.

Crash (verb) - tackle

Crash (noun)- Niko's version of football, he'll set a "baball" down one the floor, take what can only be called a front stance, for karate geeks out there a zenkutsudachi, and then we race for the ball.  Whoever doesn't get it has to "crash" the other one. 

Baby Doolian - Niko's pronunciation of Julian.  He also has a baby doll that he calls Baby Doolian.

"Baby no no chokalot, baby baby no no firetruck.  Big Boy chokalot, big boy firetruck."  - meaning Babies (baby Doolian inparticular) don't get firetrucks or chokalot, only Big boys like Nikolai get firetrucks and chokalot.

Haka-lu-lu - Really don't have any idea what he is saying here.  I think its his battle cry, Denise, his day care teacher thinks its a hebrew prayer, Sarah thinks its cockadoodle doo.  Whatever it is its very funny when he says it.  The other day he got a yellow band and went running about the house swinging it in circles over his head yelling "haka-lu-lu, haka-lu-lu!!!"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween + cute Julian photos

Halloween was a blast this year...much like last year, Nikolai wouldn't wear the minimal costume we bought - he was a KU football player, but wouldn't wear the helmet. But, he did get the hang of candy, especially his favorite, chocolate! We trick-or-treated at the Prairie Village shops and then around our neighborhood. When I put out the bowl of candy to hand out at our house, Niko started pulling out handfuls to set aside for his own trick-or-treats. Julian was an adorable pumpkin, but didn't get any chocolate...maybe next year!

Julian's First 'No'

We just made the discovery that Julian is a real kid now. Last night, he was playing on his mat on the living room floor, and before we noticed, he had rolled and squirmed 4 feet away and he unplugged the t.v. Colin had to tell him "no, no" for the first time! Right now, we're sitting around the table this morning, playing with Play-Doh, and Julian is sitting in his Bumbo seat in the middle of the table. He is wreaking havoc by reaching as far as he can and knocking things off the table. He just picked up a full box of Play-Doh toys and dumped them off the table and onto the floor..... I think this means he is almost as much trouble as the big one is now!

The two are in cahoots now anyhow, so we should have been expecting this. Julian worships Niko and watches his every move. He plays with Niko's trucks and cars whenever they are within arm's reach. Niko woke up Julian up the other morning while I was getting ready for work and thought it was hysterical. Julian thought it was funny too. I found Niko standing on the edge of the crib laughing and Julian was just laughing back at him.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sarah and  Julian 
Niko striking his Dad's favorite pose

My baby Doolian
Niko showing Julian how to roll over.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Niko at the Nelson

The Boyz!

All of Niko's babies...

Our family photo

Monday, August 24, 2009

In the Swing of Things

I cannot believe summer is coming to an end!! Last week I started back to work and Julian went to daycare for the first time. On the same day, Nikolai started at a new daycare. . . so many changes! Nikolai is getting used to the new daycare, and seems to like the new playground and his new teachers. Julian is at Niko's old daycare, and the teachers seem to enjoy him so much that I think they should be paying me to take care of him during the day! He is so mellow and smiles so much that he is a joy to hold and cuddle. Yesterday Colin gave Julian and Nikolai a bath together and they just smiled at each other the whole time. Nikolai is so careful around Julian and brings him toys and gives him kisses all the time. As Julian gets more social, Nikolai gets more and more interested. The highlight of our day today was Nikolai making Colin and I march around the house singing the Elephant Bridgade song from the Jungle Book, complete with elephant noises and swinging arms for trunks. Today Uncle John goes to Ireland to complete his MBA at the National University of Ireland and Galloway. . . Colin and I are hoping to get a chance to visit him this spring. Lots of family and friends met for a bbq on Saturday to see him off and Nikolai and Julian had lots of fun with cousins Rome, JJ, Tessa & John Paul... Niko ran around in the backyard and Julian got held by everyone. Good luck John!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Niko and the Goats

Julian - Week 3

Julian wasn't happy about getting having his clothes taken off, he got in a better mood once Sarah put an outfit back on him.  She did her best "Glamor Shots" of the kid, I think they turned out pretty good.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our New Family

On May 27th, 2009, Julian Alexander Humphrey was born into the Humphrey House.  He's  been getting acquainted with his new family, sleeping and eating.  He is the mirror image of his brother from when he was born but a little shorter and a little lighter.   Here are some photos:

Niko trying to wake up his little brother so he can play
Niko was very careful around his little brother, and very interested
Getting a good look at at the new addition.  

Probably the most surprising thing that has happened with bringing Julian home is seeing Niko interact with him.  He's very curious and has been very helpful.  He's offered Julian his milk and gram crackers.  He is very concerned when Julian cries and has taken Julian's dirty clothes to the clothes basket for us.   Today he got to hold his little brother for the first time, it was the most still I've ever seen Niko :)  The only place he has had a problem with his little brother has been that Julian gets to sleep in our room, Niko is quite certain that isn't fair.

Sarah and Julian

Sarah and Julian. He is probably wanting to eat.  He has eaten non stop for since he arrived.  The classification he falls under is "connoisseur" when it comes to eating, takes his time and will smack his lips during dinner.  This is in stark contrast to his brother who would bolt through dinner and then want to look around as soon  as possible.

Me and the new boy

Me and the boy, he had just had his first bath, I think he was glaring :)
mmm, morning coffee,  and baby


Right before his first bath, he wasn't happy about getting Pjs taken off

Just born, sleeping with Sarah

Sunday, April 26, 2009